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Welcome to Drupal project translations! This service is used by translators from around the world to maintain localizations of all projects on Just pick your language and you'll be able to download existing work and contribute to the translations.

Install Drupal localized with translations from here using Localized Drupal. You can also set it up to contribute to these translations right from your Drupal site! For already installed sites, use the Localization update module to download the right translation files for the right projects you use.

Read more about how works and how can you contribute in the handbooks.

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Quick statistics

  • 112 translation groups
  • 5966 contributors
  • 15679 projects managed
  • 66431 releases parsed (0 in queue)
  • 6848319 files scanned
  • 586956 strings to translate
  • 1178179 translations recorded
  • 362233 suggestions awaiting approval

Requests and issues

For requests and issues about the localization service, please see

Set up your group here!

To get your group set up here, do the following: Look at the waiting list of languages if you find your language there, follow up on the issue found. Otherwise open an issue filling in your language name. State your team leader username on (and make sure you log in on as well, so your local user copy is created). Do you have others to work with? Previous work you'll migrate? Tell us about it in the issue.