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Drupal core

ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Drupal core5.23Download (710 bytes)2010-Aug-182011-Jul-14
Drupal core6.38Download (807 bytes)2016-Feb-242017-Apr-30
Drupal core7.54Download (762 bytes)2017-Feb-012017-Apr-30
Drupal core8.3.0Download (617 bytes)2017-Apr-062017-Apr-29

Further top projects

► Views5.x-1.7, 6.x-2.11, 6.x-3.2, 7.x-3.16
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Views5.x-1.7Download (471 bytes)2010-Aug-172011-Jul-12
Views6.x-2.11Download (473 bytes)2010-Aug-192011-Jul-14
Views6.x-3.2Download (471 bytes)2015-Feb-142017-Apr-30
Views7.x-3.16Download (473 bytes)2017-Apr-032017-Apr-30
► Chaos tool suite (ctools)6.x-1.15, 7.x-1.12
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Chaos tool suite (ctools)6.x-1.15Download (513 bytes)2015-Dec-222017-Apr-30
Chaos tool suite (ctools)7.x-1.12Download (513 bytes)2016-Nov-222017-Apr-30
TokenNot available for download yet.
► Pathauto7.x-1.3, 8.x-1.0-rc1
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Pathauto7.x-1.3Download (477 bytes)2015-Oct-102017-Apr-30
Pathauto8.x-1.0-rc1Download (485 bytes)2017-Jan-292017-Apr-30
Libraries APINot available for download yet.
Administration menuNot available for download yet.
DateNot available for download yet.
► Webform5.x-1.10, 5.x-2.9, 6.x-2.10, 6.x-3.22, 7.x-3.27, 7.x-4.15-rc1, 8.x-5.0-beta11
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Webform5.x-1.10Download (477 bytes)2010-Aug-152011-Jul-12
Webform5.x-2.9Download (475 bytes)2010-Aug-182011-Jul-14
Webform6.x-2.10Download (477 bytes)2010-Aug-142017-Apr-29
Webform6.x-3.22Download (477 bytes)2015-Mar-072017-Apr-29
Webform7.x-3.27Download (477 bytes)2017-Feb-092017-Apr-30
Webform7.x-4.15-rc1Download (485 bytes)2017-Mar-302017-Apr-30
Webform8.x-5.0-beta11Download (489 bytes)2017-Apr-062017-Apr-29
WysiwygNot available for download yet.
IMCENot available for download yet.
Google AnalyticsNot available for download yet.
Entity APINot available for download yet.
► Backup and Migrate6.x-2.7, 7.x-2.8, 7.x-3.1, 8.x-4.0-alpha2
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
Backup and Migrate6.x-2.7Download (591 bytes)2013-May-162017-Apr-29
Backup and Migrate7.x-2.8Download (591 bytes)2014-Jan-302017-Apr-29
Backup and Migrate7.x-3.1Download (591 bytes)2015-May-132017-Apr-29
Backup and Migrate8.x-4.0-alpha2Download (511 bytes)2017-Apr-052017-Apr-30
LinkNot available for download yet.
► CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor6.x-1.14, 7.x-1.17
ProjectVersionDownloadsDate createdUp to date as of
CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor6.x-1.14Download (523 bytes)2013-Apr-122017-Apr-30
CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor7.x-1.17Download (523 bytes)2015-Dec-242017-Apr-30
CAPTCHANot available for download yet.
jQuery UpdateNot available for download yet.
Views SlideshowNot available for download yet.
RulesNot available for download yet.
XML sitemapNot available for download yet.

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